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Welcome to
The Bennett Health and Happiness Group
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Welcome to
The Bennett Health and Happiness Group

Our mission

Our mission is to prevent the preventable and cure the curable diseases and illnesses that plague modern day living. We specialise in the prevention and reversal of T2 Diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

Our approach

We will achieve our mission by helping individuals measure inner health, optimise their nutrition, and where necessary make appropriate exercise and lifestyle changes.

All our actions help individuals reach and even exceed their health potential, supporting them on their journey to a healthy and happy longevity.

Our purpose

We passionately believe that the only way to fix both the NHS and our Social Care Networks is to focus on the prevention of chronic diseases, and when they do occur, wherever possible, help people to cure them rather than just manage the symptoms.

We do this while at all times placing people and our planet before profit.

Brands creating a healthier Britain

How we got started

Hi, my name is Steve. I would like to share with you a short story about how BHHG started. When my youngest child Louie was born, I was obese, unhealthy and approaching my fiftieth birthday. Like all parents, I want the best for my children and to be around to see them grow up.

Steve 2008
Steve Christmas 2008

Back then, I was so frustrated and terrified by being so overweight and how it was making me feel, that I started dedicating my days to researching more about health. The more I studied, the more furious I became. Furious that for all of those years of bouncing between being fat and obese, I had been fed a big fat lie about what was causing my weight and ultimately how to get rid of it. It wasn’t that I hadn’t tried, I had always exercised regularly and had continuously eaten what I was told should help me shift my weight, but for 25 years I had always lost my battle with my bulge.

Since I discovered the truth about health, my stubborn belly has gone, and so have many of the health issues that I now realise were associated with it. The infuriating thing is, pretty much everything I thought I knew about food before was wrong.

Steve Bennett Fibre First
Steve Bennett Today

My thinking, much like nearly everyone else in Britain, had been shaped by big food and pharmaceutical companies that, as it turns out, don’t appear to have any interest in my health at all. Part of what I uncovered was that my previous food choices had been shaped by misinformation and brainwashing from advertising. And, with the onslaught of fast and packaged food with their highly addictive ingredients, it wasn’t just me they had made fat, it was the nation too. So much so, that the average adult in Great Britain today is two and a half stone heavier (16kg) than adults were in the year I was born! I also learnt the sad truth that most people in hospital beds, are there because of illnesses that are in the main caused by the food we eat. I also discovered that life expectancy today for a male adult living in the UK, is less than it was in the Victorian period of the 1870’s; and none of this is acceptable to me and I am sure you probably feel the same way.

So my own health journey left me with two thoughts, “as a Nation, how do we collectively stop accepting the unacceptable” and “How can I help to make Britain Healthy”. And that’s how it all began.

If you want to discover the biggest single secret to living longer and free of chronic disease, watch this short video.

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Health books by Steve Bennett

Primal Cure

The secret to weight loss and a healthy long life

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The Fibre First Diet

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Fat and Furious

The Primal way to live h3ealthier for longer

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Primal Gourmet

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"The current decline in our nation’s health makes me frustrated, furious and fired up to create change!"

I am driven by a feeling of duty to pass on the knowledge I have gained in turning my own health around (I was obese for over 25 years) to others. To do this, I spend most of my working days on several different approaches to health education.

I am passionate about helping prevent and reverse, type 2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome across the UK. Therefore, I spend my working days on several different approaches. As best as I can I use my business experience to amplify the voices of an ever growing force of brilliant doctors, GPs, nutritionists and medical experts, to communicate their message of how to achieve good metabolic health, focusing on preventing what is preventable and curing what is curable direct to the public. I created Health Results to help people explore, measure, and improve their metabolic health and I am a benefactor to both the Public Health Collaboration and the Bennett Foundation.

I am a dad to 7 wonderful children and 2 adorable grandchildren. My day job after the morning school run is following my passion to educate our country about metabolic health. I love adventures too, and have trekked to the North Pole, sailed across the Atlantic, undertook some mammoth Strive Challenges and more recently, along with several members of the PHC, cycled 500 miles in five days with Zero calories! Click here to watch ‘Zero Five 500’ on YouTube.

In a previous life…

  • Owner & CEO of the UK’s fastest growing company 1996 “Sunday Times”
  • In 1998 -Co-founded Safepurge Ltd, the worlds first shower head to prevent legionnaires disease
  • Created in 1999, built to £100 million in annual sales, then sold to Argos
  • 2002 created a TV shopping business which became Gemporia, which floated in 2006
  • Started The Bennett Foundation (previously called the Colourful Life Charity) in 2011 and over the past 11 years have built 14 schools in India, 4 in Tanzania and 1 in South Africa. Our charity has Sir Richard Branson as its patron, and currently has over 13,800 children studying at schools it created. Our focus is on health education
  • 2011 E&Y Turnaround Entrepreneur of the year
  • Owner & CEO of the UK’s fastest growing company 2012 “Sunday Times” (only person in UK to win twice)
  • Walked to the North Pole 2014
  • Owner & CEO of PCW International Business of the Year 2014
  • In 2017 so as to concentrate on improving the poor health of our nation, transferred 75% of ownership in Gemporia to employees
  • Stepped down as CEO of Gemporia in 2018 to further focus on studying health (including his own)
  • Wrote several health books, Primal Cure, Britain is Sick, Primal Gourmet and more recently Fat & Furious
  • 2020 Founded Health Results to help the nation get healthier
  • Became patron and main benefactor to the charity PHC (Public Health Collaboration), which aims to put prevention at the heart of the nations healthcare system
Steve Bennett
Steve Bennett